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XML Package Maker (XPM)

It is a tool to generate XML packages for SciELO and PMC.

How to use

Use the Windows menu to open the program.

_images/scielo_menu_xpm.png _images/xpm_gui.png

Select the folder which contains XML package files


Press XML Package Maker.

Or, to execute Package Maker via command line, open the terminal and go to the folder where the program is installed:


Then type:

python <xml_package_folder>


  • XML files for SciELO (scielo_package and/or scielo_package_zips folders)
  • XML files for PMC (pmc_package folder)
  • report files (errors folder)

The output folder (0103-2070-ts-08-02_xml_package_maker_result) is generated in the same folder in which contains the input folder (0103-2070-ts-08-02)



After finishing the processing the reports are displayed in a Web browser.

Switch between the tabs.

Summary report

Validations Statistics

Presents the total of fatal errors, errors, and warnings, found in the whole package.

represents errors related to Bibliometrics Indicators.
represents other types of errors
represents something that needs more attention

Detail report

Detail report - package validations

Fist of all, XPM validates some package’s data:

  • Some data must have same value in all the XML files, such as:
  • journal-title
  • journal id NLM
  • journal ISSN
  • publisher name
  • issue label
  • issue pub date
  • Some data must have unique value in all the XML files, such as:
  • doi
  • elocation-id, if applicable
  • fpage and fpage/@seq
  • order (used to generated article PID)

Example of fatal error because of different values for publisher-name.


Example of fatal error because of different values for pub-date.


Example of fatal error because unique value is required


Detail report - documents’ validations

Presents the documents in a table.

The columns order, aop pid, toc section, @article-type are hightlighted because contains important data.

The column reports contains buttons to open/close the detail reports of each document.

Each row has the document’s data


Detail report - Validations

Click on Data Quality Control to view the problems. The detail report is displayed below the row



Displays the files/folders which are inputs and outputs.


Overview report

Overview report - languages

Displays the elements which contains @xml:lang.


Overview report - dates

Displays the dates found in the document: publication and history. Displays the spent time between received and accepted, accepted and published, accepted and the present date.


Overview report - affiliations


Overview report - references


Sources report

_images/xpm_report_sources.png _images/xpm_report_sources_journals.png _images/xpm_report_sources_books.png _images/xpm_report_sources_others.png