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How to update the local web site

The publishing workflow uses SGML Files and/or XML Files as input and generates the local website according to SciELOWeb site.

Data from SGML and XML files can be published on the same SciELO Web site.

title and issue databases

issue and title databases must be updated in serial folder.

This databases are managed by Title Manager.

If you have replaced Title Manager by SciELO Manager, you have to run specifics programs to update (Delorean) these databases.

Other option is having updated copies of these databases.

SGML files and/or XML files

In serial folder, you must have the folders/files resulting of SGML Markup workflow and/or XML Markup workflow.

For SGML, the input files must be in:

  • serial/<acron>/<volnum>/markup
  • serial/<acron>/<volnum>/body

For XML, the input files must be in:

  • ??/<acron>/<volnum>/markup_xml/scielo_package

XML Converter/ Converter

Use Converter to generate the base folder from the SGML files.

Use XML Converter to generate the base folder from the XML files.


Run GeraPadrao.bat script to generate de local website.