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Desktop Application (Visual Basic), installed in the local server, to generate the database of the documents, by reading the files from markup and body folders and the databases in title and issue folders.

How to open the program

Use the Windows menu to open the program.


Or by the path of the program:


How to change the language of the program

The programs are available in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Use the program menu: Options > Configurations.


How to use the program

  1. Select Files > Open.
  1. Fill the fields:
  • journal’s title:
    select the title of the journal.
  • year:
    FILL ONLY if it is ahead number
  • volume:
    fill it in with the volume
  • supplement of volume:
    fill it in with the supplement of volume, if it is applicable
  • number:
    fill it in with the number. If it is an ahead of print, use ahead, respectively
  • supplement of number:
    fill it in with the supplement of number, if it is applicable
  • complement:
    fill it in, if it exists. Recently it is used to press release, fill it in with pr.
  1. Click on OK button.
  2. Converter uses these data to identify the issue, markup and body folders. If the data are correct, the program will list the markup files.
  1. Click on Convert button.

  2. Converter will convert the selected files.

    For each file, the program:

    • extracts the identified data
    • compares the data in the document and the data in the issue database


    If there are any unmatched data related to the issue, the program will not create the database. It will be necessary to correct the data in Markup or in Title Manager

    If the database is generated, the result will be shown on the screen.



    • successfully converted: [ ] (in red)
    • converted, with errors: [X] (in blue)
      There are some not fatal markup errors, which could have been corrected at SGML Parser stage.
    • not converted: (in green)
      It is related to unmatched data of the issue database and the data in the markup file. For instance: - The issue’s volume is 30, and the volume in the document is 3. The program will indicates an error. In this case, the correction is in the markup file.
  3. Click on each file in the result area, then on Result button, to view the result of the convertion.

Successfully converted


Converted, but no fatal errors: markup error


Converted, but no fatal error: some bibliography references not identified

Converter also marks, in the body file, the end of the paragraph of each bibliography reference found in markup file. It is used by the website to create [ Links ] at the end of the paragraph of each reference.

_images/converter_resultado6.jpg _images/converter_resultado6b.jpg

If Converter was not able to find the markup references in body references:


It is necessary to evaluate the references in markup and in body. There must be some different character that causes the error.

Not converted, because of fatal errors